Gear are essential for maximizing your hero’s overall stats and there are 6 types of gears to equip per hero.

Crafting Gear

You can talk to NPC Blacksmith Brokk who runs the Forge of the Town to craft gear.
Brokk appears after being rescued from the World Map Stage 3-1.

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Required materials change depends on the gears rank and your available materials can be checked through the Material Storage. Materials can be acquired from all stages of the World Map, Daily Boss battles and Sanctuary.

Gear Upgrading

All gears can be upgraded up to +5 by feeding material gears. To upgrade gear, you need material gear of equal or lower rank than the gear to upgrade.

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Types of gear

Series Gear

The following gear series has items for all Heroes.

Gear Rank
Normal Gear 1 Star
Uncommon Gear 2 Star
Rare Gear 3 Star
Heimdall Gear 3 Star
Freyja Gear 3 Star
Freyr Gear 4 Star
Elune Gear 4 Star
Tyr Gear 5 Star
Thor Gear 5 Star
Odin Gear 6 Star
Frigg Gear 6 Star
Borr Gear Mastery

Epic Gear

The following gear series has items for specific Hero type.

Gear Rank
name rank
name rank
name rank
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