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Who can join?

Anyone who wishes to help maintain this wiki! The only prerequisites are that you need a wikidot account and can follow the rules to keep this wiki clean and friendly.


1) All names, characters, info details, etc. belong to 4:33 Creative Labs & Bulky Tree Co., Ltd. We are simply creating a easy collective community to help understand them.
2) No harassment of other users and pages is this wiki. This includes force lock removing, when another user is creating a page.
3) No profanity or inappropriate material.
4) No spamming or trolling.
more will be added in case they are needed.

The above mention rules are to be followed by all members. Staff of the wiki has the right to kick and ban anyone not following them.

Now that we have read the rules, feel free to join and edit. By joining you agree to abide by the aforementioned rules.

The password is: Fury Warlord

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